KJK: Erdoğan even fears the white head scarves of mothers

via ANF-News

The dictator Erdoğan knows that his end is approaching. He is even afraid of the white head scarves of the peace mothers, explains Rewşan Merdin of the coordination of the KJK.

Speaking on the Rojeva Jin program on Stêrk TV, Rewşan Merdin of the KJK (Kurdistan Women’s Community) said that Abdullah Öcalan’s isolation continued and that the lawyer visit that took place on Imrali on 2 May did not change that. “This inhuman isolation must be lifted. Only when the isolation stops, the hunger strikes will end,” she said.

The common resistance of all people in Turkey will accelerate Erdoğan’s end

Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan has given a message by maintaining his stance for peace and solution even under the conditions of isolation, said KJK’s Merdin and continued; “Leader Apo says he will continue his peace mission. How will the State answer this message? All peoples must see the tricks of Erdoğan. If we stand united and resist together against this cruel dictator, we will accelerate his end. This is not just a problem for the Kurds, it is a problem for the whole population in Turkey. The resistance against the Erdoğan mentality must be strengthened.”

Those attacking the mothers will be called to account

Commenting on the resistance of the mothers of hunger strikers and attacks of the Turkish state forces against the relatives of political prisoners, Rewşan Merdin said: “The dictator knows that his end is near, he is even afraid of the white headscarves of the mothers. The Turkish police attacks them without any morality. The policemen who attack our mothers should know that we as the women’s movement will call them to account. The policemen who raise their hands against their mothers on the street will not be able to sleep peacefully in their apartments even.”



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