Prisoners’ families in Bakirkoy: We will come every day

via ANF-News

The police stopped the demonstration by prisoners’ families in front of the Bakirkoy Prison. The families said, “Whatever you do, we will come here every day.”

The families whose children are on hunger strikes against the isolation in Imrali were to go to the Bakirkoy Prison once again for a vigil. The families were supported by Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) Sirnak MP Hasan Ozgunes and lawyers. The families gathered by the E-5 highway and started to march to the prison from there, but were stopped by the police who claimed the demonstration was banned. The police said they won’t let them get closer to the prison and that they would intervene if the group didn’t disperse.


Mother Nesibe Basaran said her son is on a hunger strike in the Silivri Prison and said: “We are in the right here. Our hearts are on fire. Where else could we go? Of course we’re going to come here. We have been fasting for days. There is no peace in our homes. Our children are not doing a bad thing. Whatever the state does, we will come here every day. We have suffered the same tyranny for years. It is enough already.”


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