Three-day solidarity hunger strike in Lucerne

via ANF-News

A group of Kurds went on a three-day hunger strike in the Swiss city of Lucerne.

The hunger strike has been launched in Lucerne, Switzerland solidarity with the hunger strike resistance demanding the end of isolation against Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan.

The hunger strike is being carried out in the tent put up in front of the train station under the leadership of the Democratic Kurdistan People’s Center (CDK-Lucerne).

The hunger strike was joined by relatives of prisoners on hunger strike.

Women wearing white headscarves also joined the action to condemn the attacks carried out by Turkish police against mothers of the prisoners on hunger strike.

Today, the second day of the hunger strike will resume in front of the Canton of Lucerne Parliament. With this action Kurds also want to protest the silence of the European institutions and governments.

A two-day mass sit-in will be held with the same purpose of denouncing the silence of the international community in front of the United Nations Geneva Office on 16 and 17 May.


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