Actions in solidarity with the hunger strikers in Europe

via ANF-News

In Düsseldorf, Bremen, Cologne and Den Haag activists organised actions in solidarity with the hunger strike and death fast resistance.

The actions organised in German and Dutch cities were in solidarity with the hunger strike resistance led by HDP Hakkari MP Leyla Güven.


An action was promoted in Düsseldorf to support the hunger strike resistance and express solidarity with the Peace Mothers who have been constantly harassed by police.

Düsseldorf Nalin Muş Women’s Initiative organised the action in Heinrich-Heine-Platz. Women joined the protest wearing white headscarves.

Activists protested the silence of the European countries and the international opinion and urged the international institutions to act before it is too late, as the hunger strikers are well beyond the critical stage.


A protest was organised against the isolation and the repression of the Turkish state against the families of prisoners.

The action was organized by YJK-E and the women gathered in front of Bremen HBF wearing white headscarves.

Activists handed out leaflets about the hunger strike resistance.

Den Haag

An action was promoted by the Life Against Isolation Platform in Den Haag in front of the International Court of Justice in support to the hunger strike and death fast resistance.


The Viyan Women’s Assembly promoted an action at Bahnhoforplatz in Cologne. The demo began with a minute silent for the martyrs of freedom and activists protested the isolation and expressed solidarity for prisoners on hunger strike and death fast.


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