Demo against isolation in front of the European Parliament

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The fourth demonstration held in front of the European Parliament protested the silence of European institutions on the isolation of Abdullah Öcalan and the massive hunger strike against it.

Kurds and their friends have organised a demonstration in front of the European Parliament every Wednesday for the past four weeks to call attention to the massive hunger strike and death fast protest demanding the end of the isolation regime executed by the Turkish state against Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan in Imralı Island Prison.

Masses gathered in front of the European Parliament in Belgium’s capital Brussels on Wednesday and protested against the silence of the European Union (EU), Council of Europe (CoE), European Parliament (EP) and the Committee for the Prevention of Torture (CPT).


KCK (Kurdistan Communities Union) Executive Council Member Zübeyir Aydar also joined the demonstration and made a speech in which he called for increased struggle.

Describing the resistance of mothers in particular as “respectable”, Aydar said; “We raise our voice every Wednesday but we should raise our voice stronger.”

Pointing to the struggle and solution proposals led by the Kurds in the Middle East, Aydar expressed his trust that the hunger strike resistance will succeed.

The Kurdish politician continued; “I believe that we will lead this action to success and break the doors of Imralı. This is only possible by manifesting a popular resistance. Today, we are stronger than before. We have more opportunities. With further resistance, we are going to triumph.”


A declaration read by the ‘Let Leyla Live’ Platform provided information about the hunger strike protest that was initiated by Leyla Güven and was later joined by thousands of prisoners.

The platform highlighted the following demands;

– an end to the isolation and right abuses against political prisoners,

– Turkey’s adherence to its own laws,

– pressure by the EU, CoE and European governments on Erdoğan regime,

– visit by an international independent delegation to Turkish prisons for an in-situ inspection,

– an end to the isolation executed against Öcalan

– assurance to Öcalan’s rights to family and lawyer visits.


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