Actions against isolation in Frankfurt, Munich and the Hague

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Demonstrations demanding the end of isolation against Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan continue to be held all over Europe.

Activists organised actions in support to the hunger strike resistance protested isolation in Frankfurt, Munich and Den Haag.


Amara, Sara and Nujin Women’s Councils promoted an action against isolation in Frankfurt. The hunger strike resistance was commended and it was reminded that 30 prisoners are on death fast.


The hunger strike resistance was also supported with an action promoted by Sara Women’s Commune in Munich. A demonstration was held in front of the Municipality.

The action will be repeated every Wednesday, confirmed the women from the Commune in order to keep people informed on the hunger strike resistance.

The Hague

In the Dutch city of the Hague, an action to support the hunger strike and death fast resistance was organized.

The Life against Isolation Platform promoted the action which was held in front of the Dutch Parliament.

The Dutch Parliament was holding a session on Turkey and activists protested the silence of the international institutions and states.

A group of activists joined the session in Parliament while other activists stayed outside distributing leaflets about the hunger strike resistance.


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