Demos to support hunger strike in Istanbul

via ANF-News

Demonstrations were held in Istanbul to protest the isolation against Abdullah Öcalan and support the hunger strike resistance.

The demonstrations were held in the neighboroughs of Beyoğlu, Kartal, Beykoz and Umraniye.

Prisoners’ relatives promoted the actions to draw attention to the hunger strike resistance and voice the demand of their sons and daughters.


Many people gathered in Ümraniye wearing the t-shirt with photographs of Leyla Güven, the DTK co-chair and HDP Hakkari MP, who has been on hunger strike for 190 days.

The people formed a human chain chanting slogans in support of the hunger strikers. Being Ramadan, the people then walked to the iftar tent and talked to people there explaining the reason of the hunger strike resistance. The families reminded that 30 prisoners are now on death fast, with the first group beginning on 30 April and the second on 10 May.


A large number of people gathered in Kartal wearing the t-shirt with a photo of Leyla Güven. Families of the prisoners on hunger strike made a short march chanting slogans and informing citizens.

Beyoğlu and Beykoz

In Beyoğlu and Beykoz, a large number of people gathered together after the iftar. The people closed the road to traffic and chanted slogans like ‘Bijî berxwedana zindanan’, ‘Revolutionary prisoners are our honor’, ‘Leyla is our pride’. The neighbours saluted the people from their balconies and supported the action.


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