Mothers entered third day of 'Parliament action'

via ANF-News

The mothers of the prisoners on hunger strike demanding the end of isolation against Abdullah Öcalan reached day 3 of their protest in Parliament.

The sit-in promoted by the mothers of the prisoners on hunger strike entered its third day on Thursday. The action was decided after the meeting in Parliament with the HDP deputies. The mothers have one demand: they want to meet the Minister of Justice.

The mothers spent the night the in HDP meeting room, and were accompanied by HDP deputies Ayşe Acar Başaran and Necdet İpekyüz.

Sedat Akın, who was on hunger strike in the Erzincan T Type Closed Prison and is now fasting in his house in Batman since his release on 7 January called the mothers.

Akın, who has been on hunger strike for 130 days, called his mother who is one of the participants in the Parliament action. “We are thousands on hunger strike today; – he told his mother via video call – but in no way will we end this action.”

Akın said: “We know that we will win. The struggle of those who resist every day continues to increase. We are the children of this people and we have come out of this people. Hunger is not a big problem. We’re just fading away day after day. But your resistance gives us morale. We will all succeed together.”

Some mothers underlined that in fact they were getting morale from the hunger strikers and could not keep their tears.


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