Families continue to resist in Amed and Istanbul

via ANF-News

Families of prisoners on hunger strikes and death fasts in Istanbul and Amed continue their protests. The families support their children’s demands despite police interventions.

Families of prisoners on hunger strikes and death fasts against the isolation imposed upon Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Ocalan continue their resistance.


Mothers of prisoners on hunger strike and death fast have had their protests in the Kosuyolu Park in Amed’s Baglar district stopped by the police since May 1. Today the mothers gathered in the Batikent Crossing, where they were surrounded and attacked by the police. Hizal Yildirim was detained during the attack, to be released later.

The mothers did not leave the Batikent Crossing despite the attack and are protesting the police.


Prisoners’ relatives held a sit-in in front of the Umraniye Type T Closed Prison after the weekly visitation with their children. The sit-in was supported by Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) Umraniye District Chapter administrators and many lawyers. The police attacked the protest shortly after it began.

Ayse Yavuz said, “I just got out of visitation. Our children say they will continue their hunger strike until the isolation ends. Those who think they can intimidate us should know that we will not fear. End the isolation now.” Yavuz called on other mothers and said: “Come support us. Come stand here with us.”

The police stopped journalists from taking videos and photographs.


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