French MEP visited Kurdish hunger striker in Paris

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Patrick Le Hyaric, a member of the European Parliament and Director of the French Humanitè Newspaper, visited Özkan Özdemir, who has been on hunger strike in Paris for 47 days.

Hyaric visited Özdemir and the three other hunger strikers at the the Turkish Association of Migrant Workers (ACTIT) and listened to the latest information about the hunger strike and death fast resistance in Turkey, Kurdistan and Europe.

During the visit, Hyaric said he was upset because the French public opinion and press did not listen to the hunger strikers.

French deputy: I learned by accident about the hunger strike

Hyaric said he accidentally learned about the hunger strike after the 1 May manifesto and said he had spoken to the French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves le Drian after a press release in the European Parliament regarding the hunger strikes, and added that neither Drian nor his director knew anything about the resistance.

Hyaric said: “If these actions are not written about in the media, unfortunately nobody will know. It is a coincidence that I have learned; A friend told me about it when I was at the 1 May demo.”

Özdemir, a member of AvEG-Kon (European Confederation of Oppressed Migrants) thanked deputy Hyaric, and underlined the achievements reached thanks to the hunger strike resistance.

“People – said the activist – don’t accept dictatorship and this message has been given. This is an ideological gain. To date, four steps have been taken to break the resistance, yet despite all the attacks of the state, resistance has spread to families.”

What can be done?

Responding to the question ‘What can we do?’ Özdemir said: “We want you to take a role. Turkey is a country signatory to many European countries agreements and conventions. Turkey is accustomed to violate their own rules, after all; it is a country ruled by fascism and reaction. But in Europe we would expect a different reaction to Turkey’s violation of so many laws. We are trying to convince Europe to apply sanctions on Turkey and there are many diplomatic talks going on.”

The role of media

Özdemir, who criticized the silence of the European media and politicians, added: “We will break this. There is something very interesting here: the resistance in Strasbourg has been going on for over 160 days, yet politicians in Europe don’t talk about it, nor do the media. We are trying to break this silence.”

Hyaric said he would take the request of the hunger strikers to the French press and trade unions and workers.

The deputy added that there were enough documents on the hunger strike resistance to prepare a file to be sent to all municipal councils in the hope they would respond to the demand for freedom and rights and urge the government to act.


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