Mothers held sit-in in Bismil and Lice

via ANF-News

Mothers of prisoners on hunger strike and death fast held a sit-in in Lice and Bismil in the province of Amed.

Mothers met again in Lice and Bismil despite the harassment and problems caused by police. The mothers in Lice organised a sit-in in a park to support their sons and daughters on hunger strike and death fast.

The mothers ignored the police and held the sit-in for over a hour chanting slogans.

In Bismil the relatives of prisoners on hunger strike held a press conference in front of the HDP district building. The co-chair of the Municipality of Bismil, Gülşen Özer, joined the press conference.

HDP executive Şakir Demir reminded that about 7 thousand prisoners have joined the hunger strike resistance led by HDP Hakkari MP Leyla Güven demanding the end of isolation against Öcalan.

Demir said: “We want Öcalan been granted the right to see his lawyers in Imrali. We want him to be able to see his family and if this happens the hunger strike will be called off.”


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