Intellectuals from South Kurdistan visited Berlin hunger strikers

via ANF-News

Cemal Kobanê, Ömer Bağdur, Mele Mustafa Tuzak and Şiyar Xelil have been on an indefinite hunger strike in Berlin.

In German capital Berlin, Kurdish activist Mele Mustafa Tuzak has been on an indefinite hunger strike for 126 days, Şiyar Xelil for 113 days, Cemal Kobanê and Ömer Bağdur for 110 days demanding the end of the isolation imposed on Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan.

The activists had launched their protest in the cities of Kassel, Duisburg and Nuremberg and all moved to Berlin in March to continue their protest together at the NAV-DEM premises.

A group of intellectuals from South Kurdistan visited the activists on Saturday and expressed their support for the hunger strike action against Imralı isolation.

Speaking on behalf of the group, Siyabend Harikî said the following; “You are not alone in your action, your voice is heard everywhere. We hope that you will achieve your goal as soon as possible.”

Poet Ahmed Balayî pointed to the AKP regime’s policy of denial and annihilation in four parts of Kurdistan, stressing the importance of the unity to be formed by the Kurdish people in this process.


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