14 Kurdish activists on day 155 of hunger strike in Strasbourg

via ANF-News

The indefinite nonalternating hunger strike against the isolation imposed upon Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Ocalan continues in Strasbourg, France on day 155.

The hunger strike launched under the lead of DTK Co-chair Leyla Guven to break the isolation has entered a new phase with the death fasts, while the indefinite nonalternating hunger strike in Strasbourg is almost half a year old.

The hunger strike launched with the motto, “Break the Isolation Smash Fascism Free Kurdistan” is held by 14 Kurdish activists in Strasbourg, France. On top of the hunger strike launched on December 17, 2018 in the “capital of Europe” that houses the European Parliament (EP), Council of Europe (CoE) and the Committee for the Prevention of Torture (CPT), Kurds in Europe and their allies are always protesting. With the hunger strikes and the street demonstrations, the Turkish state’s policies of isolation and war as well as the silence of European Union member states and institutionsare being protested.

The health of hunger strikers deteriorates with every passing day. Activists Yuksel Koc, Kerem Solhan and Journalist Gülistan Ciya Ike had been hospitalized as they continued their protest bedridden.

Hunger strikers taken to the hospital for diagnosis rejected treatment and went back to the protest site to continue their hunger strike.

The protesters have issued public statements several times through the media and announced they won’t stop their protest until the isolation is broken.


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