KCDK-E called on people to join march in Brussels on Wednesday

via ANF-News

The KCDK-E called on people to join the rally to be held in Brussels tomorrow, Wednesday 22 May. The march will leave at 10 am from the Gare Central.

The KCDK-E Presidency has issued a written statement inviting people and organisations to join the march scheduled for tomorrow in Brussels.

“The hunger strike resistance led by HDP Hakkari MP Leyla Güven have spread to prisons, the 4 parts of Kurdistan, Turkey and the world. Thousands of people have joined this action making the resistance something historical.”

The statement underlined that a “new phase of the resistance was opened when 30 prisoners went on death fast and Kurdish mothers took to the streets to support their sons and daughters on hunger strike and even held an action in the Parliament.”

The statement added: “Faced which such a growing resistance the fascist AKP-MHP dictatorship attempted to release the pressure on itself by allowing Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan first to be visited by his brother Mehmet. Then they released Leyla Güven from prison. Finally, after 8 long years of prohibition, they allowed Öcalan’s lawyers to go to Imrali. The Minister of Justice also had to make a statement, and the CPT made an official statement on its recent visit to İmralı.”

All these developments, said the statement, “are the result of the hunger strike resistance that has been going on for over 6 months and the popular protest against isolation. Nevertheless, – continued the KCDK-E statement – all these achievements do not amount to the end of isolation imposed on Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan.”

Aware that solidarity actions should be increased to show support with the hunger strikers, the KCDK-E called “on Kurdish people living in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and France to step up the solidarity actions around the hunger strike to ensure isolation is lifted.

For this we call everyone to join the European march and rally to be held in Brussels, tomorrow, Wednesday 22 May. The march will leave at 10 am from the Gare Central and end with a rally in front of the European Parliament.”


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