Mothers in Esenyurt vowed to keep Vigil

via ANF-News

The mothers of prisoners on hunger strike continued their vigil in Esenyurt despite police harassment and asked: “How long would they continue to deny people’s language and culture?”

The mothers of prisoners on hunger strike demanding the end of isolation of Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan, came together once again in Esenyurt Square in Istanbul. The mothers met for the 24th time on Monday to give voice to their sons and daughters.

They gathered in front of the HDP building in Esenyurt and were immediately surrounded by police as it is happening every day since they started the Vigil.

Hazal Çakan said: “I came to express my solidarity and support to the mothers after I saw on television how they were beaten and harassed by police. They should put their hands on their conscience. We want justice and peace. We want our language and culture, our identity to be recognised and accepted. Our children cannot speak Kurdish in schools and streets.”

Hazal Taş, mother of İsmet Taş, who has been on hunger strike since 1 March in Tekirdağ F-Type Prison, reiterated that mothers only ask for their sons and daughters’ demand to be listen to. “We won’t need to go on the streets if the government listen to our children’ demand.”


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