Strasburg resistance continues: We will break the isolation

via ANF-News

The hunger strike resistance in Strasbourg continues on day 156.

14 members of the Freedom for Öcalan Initiative are on day 156 of an indefinite hunger strike in the French city of Strasbourg demanding the end of the isolation imposed upon Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan.

The Kurdish activists, who include politicians and journalists, continue their protest with great resolve despite their deteriorating health.

As part of the ongoing resistance, a sit-in action will be held in front of the Council of Europe tomorrow.

The protest that started with 5-day massive hunger strike in front of the European Parliament on March 25, has been continuing in the form of a massive sit-in action in front of the Council of Europe every Wednesday.


Kurds in Europe have been providing continuous support for the Strasbourg hunger strike activists since the launch of their protest. While demonstrations are held in various parts of Europe every day to raise awareness for hunger strikes, dozens of Kurdish citizens are paying solidarity visits to Strasbourg activists on daily basis.

One of these people is Kurdish young man Mehmet Cahit Koyuncu who himself took part in hunger strike actions twice during his imprisonment in Turkey.

Koyuncu, who also lives in France and has been assisting the Organization Committee since February, said that; “This resistance has reached a significant stage with the support of all the Kurds, of the youth in the first place. The resistance will achieve victory as the Kurdish people continue to stand with all the resisting activists and with the mothers who are resisting for their children despite all the repression.”

Stressing that the youth should not consider the isolation of Öcalan as ‘normal’, Mehmet Cahit Koyuncu continued; “We will never accept this and we will break this isolation by giving any kind of struggle. In order to achieve this, our people should take to the streets and enhance the resistance in support of the hunger strikes inside and outside prisons. It has been seen how this resistance is putting a strain on the enemy, and it is seen that the isolation will be broken as the resistance grows.”


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