Hunger strike in Shehba on day 8

via ANF-News

Activists on hunger strike in Shehba to support the hunger strikes and death fasts called on the CPT to fulfill its duties.

The hunger strike launched in the Ehdas district of the Shehba Canton to support the hunger strikers and death fasts continues on day 8.

Dozens of people from the Serdem Camp visited the protest yesterday as the protest continued in the district center in a tent activists set up.

Activists wore white vests with photographs of Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Ocalan on them and chanted, “Biji tekosin”.

In yesterday’s protest, an audio message with Öcalan’s perspective on the revolutionary life and organization of society was listened.

Ehres district Kongreya Star member Emina Dinikli spoke in the protest tent and said, “Supporting the hunger strikers in Turkey and Kurdistan who demand to end the isolation imposed upon Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Ocalan. We must do everything in our power to have Reber Apo have free working conditions.”

Emina continued her speech and said: “Today Leyla Guven’s resistance shows the whole world that Kurdish women can do anything.

Ehres District Council Deputy Co-chair Fewzi Sileman saluted all hunger strikers and Leyla Guven and said: “This resistance is a historic step for the Kurdish people. “

Fewzi Sileman called on the CPT to do their job against the isolation imposed upon Ocalan.

A video was screened showing messages of struggle from Leyla Guven and other hunger strikers.


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