The long march by Kurdish activists living in Italy to support the hunger strike and death fast resistance left Milan three days ago.

After reaching Lodi, the march left for Orio Litta, in the region of Lombardia. The march has been promoted in solidarity with the hunger strike resistance demanding the end of the isolation against Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan.

The marchers presented the municipality of Orio Litta with a file on the hunger strike resistance and isolation. The mayor Pier Luigi welcomed the marchers and said: “This long march is a march for peace and freedom. Like all peoples, the Kurdish people have the right to live their own culture as they wish. Kurds have the rights to address and solve their issues without a war and without violence.

Turkey wants to join the European Union but unfortunately is far from recognising and abiding to human rights standards and convention. This march for peace should be supported by everyone.”

Activists handed out leaflets about the hunger strike resistance and isolation along the road.

The march will be arriving in Florence.