Day 47 of vigil by mothers of prisoners on hunger strike in Gebze

via ANF-News

Families of prisoners in Gebze are on day 47 of their vigil which they say will continue until the isolation is ended.

In many cities of northern Kurdistan and Turkey, mothers of political prisoners have taken to the streets despite police blockade to draw attention to the hunger strike against the isolation of Abdullah Öcalan.

Despite repression and police violence, the resistance of relatives of political prisoners continues. Families and activists remain determined to express their solidarity with the hunger strikers and to stand up for their call for the complete removal of Abdullah Öcalan’s isolation.

Mothers and families of prisoners on hunger strike launched a Vigil in front of Gebze M Type Closed Prison on April 4. Due to the continued obstructions by the police on the 47th day of their action, mothers held the vigil at the HDP Gebze district office.

Members of the Association of Lawyers for Freedom also supported the mothers in their action.

Speaking here, Sultan Bozkurt, the mother of Newroz Bozkurt who has been on an indefinite hunger strike in Gebze Prison since March 1, stressed that they were in good morale and strong.

Bozkurt said; “Actions have been continuing everywhere. We are waiting for the statements to be made and we will continue our actions until the isolation is completely removed. Our children’s demands are our demands and we will be standing with them till the very end. We will never give up the struggle.”


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