Hunger strike actions in Turkey, Kurdistan and abroad have ended

via ANF-News

Hunger strike activists have ended their actions in Turkey, Kurdistan and Europe upon Öcalan’s call.

Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan has conveyed a message through his lawyers calling for the end of the hunger strike and death fast actions demanding the end of the isolation imposed on him.

Following the declaration of the call, activists have been announcing the end of their actions, including Leyla Güven, Nasır Yağız, Strasbourg activists, İmam Şiş and HDP MPs Tayyip Temel, Dersim Dağ and Murat Sarısaç.


Gurbet Ektiren, Mahsun Şen, Murat Aksin, Ahmet Öngün and Halef Yiğit who were on hunger strikes in Mardin’s Derik and Kızıltepe districts, have ended their actions.

The activists will be taken to the Memorial Hospital in Amed for treatment.


Vedat Hesass who was released from Silivri Prison on May 16 had continued his hunger strike at his home in Başakşehir, Istanbul since January 16.

İhsan Sinmiş and Tuncer Sağlam, who joined the hunger strikes in prison on March 1 and continued their action after their release from prison, have also ended their actions.


Peace Mother Hadle Oğur who went on hunger strike in Urfa Prison and continued her fast after her release, has also ended her action. Oğur will be taken to the Memorial Hospital in Amed for treatment.

On the other hand, HDP Ceylanpınar district branch former co-chair Hızni Kılıç, who was on hunger strike since March 1, has also ended his fast. Kılıç is reportedly taken to hospital in Amed in an ambulance.


Sultan Yiğit on hunger strike in Austrian capital Vienna has ended her fast upon Öcalan’s call. Yiğit gave the message “Our struggle will continue until our Leader is free.”


4 Kurdish activists, Ömer Bağdur, Cemal Kobanê, Şiyar Xelil and Mele Mustafa Tuzak were on hunger strike in German capital Berlin.
Mele Mustafa Tuzak was on day 134 of his fast, Şiyar Xelil on day 121, Cemal Kobanê and Ömer Bağdur on day 118.

Tuzak, Xelil, Kobanê and Bağdur held a press conference at the NAV-DEM premises in Berlin and announced ending their hunger strikes upon Öcalan’s call. The activists gave the message that their struggle for Öcalan’s health and freedom will continue.


Kurdish journalist Yusuf Iba was on an indefinite hunger strike in Toronto, Canada for over 4 months. He has also ended his protest today following the call of the Kurdish leader.


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