Guven’s message to hunger strikers in Strasbourg: We will prevail


Imprisoned HDP MP Leyla Guven sent a message to the indefinite and nonalternate hunger strike in Strasbourg and said, “We will break the isolation through resistance and we will prevail.”

Leyla Guven, on a hunger strike for 47 days, sent a written message to the hunger strikers in solidarity with her in Strasbourg. Guven’s message was read out loud on the 8th day of the hunger strike in Strasbourg.

Guven saluted the hunger strike activists “with the spirit of resistance from the Amed dungeon” and stressed that they will break the isolation imposed upon Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Ocalan through resistance.

Guven’s message is as follows:

“Esteemed comrades fighting for their freedom and identity for years, thousands of kilometers away from Kurdistan, I salute you with respect, love and longing. I believe the hunger strike you launched is extremely meaningful and valuable, and I wish you success with the spirit of resistance from the Amed Dungeon.

As the children of a people who have been resisting non-stop for years, here we are at another resistance. Thousands of salutes to our people who heard our scream from Amed in Hewler, Rojava, Rojhilat, Maxmur and Europe, and who added their own voice.

The hunger strikes we started with the demand that the absolute aggravated isolation imposed upon Kurdish People’s Leader Mr. Abdullah Ocalan be lifted continue to spread farther every day. It becomes clear once again that this is the demand of millions. Our demand is legitimate, ethical and humane. We can’t be expected to think this unlawful, immoral approach against a leader embraced by millions as their will is normal. The isolation imposed upon Mr. Ocalan, all the attacks against him, all the disciplinary punishments, they are all being imposed upon the Kurdish people. The peoples of the region who have embraced Mr. Ocalan’s philosophy in life are being isolated. As Kurdish women, we feel and think the same way and this is how we read the situation.

Esteemed Hevals,

There are thousands of kilometers between us, but I feel you right here by my side. I whisper your names to the walls of the Amed Dungeon, which have been marked by the resistance of Hevals Sakine, Kemal, Hayri, Mazlum and many others. I am certain they can hear us. I have complete faith that we will grow the tradition of resistance they left us further. This people created itself again from its ashes, and the free life we all long for is very close. I salute your meaningful and valuable action with revolutionary sentiment once more. We will break the isolation through resistance, and we will prevail.”


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