Yagiz determined to continue the hunger strike resistance

via ANF-News

Member of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) in Hewler, Nasir Yagiz continues his hunger strike on the 82nd day. Despite his deteriorating health, Yagiz says that he will continue the hunger strike as long as the isolation of Ocalan is in place.

Nasir Yagiz is on day 82 of an indefinite and non-alternating hunger strike at the HDP’s representation office in Hewler, South Kurdistan.

Yagiz’s health condition is deteriorating every hour. Recently he is facing long-lasting headaches, and cannot tolerate sounds or light.

His movement is limited, his sight is continually weakening, and he loses weight every day.

Yet Yagiz is determined to carry on with the hunger strike until the isolation of Ocalan is ended. Yagiz mentions that morale support from people helps him bear the challenges of the hunger strike.

On the other hand, member of the Ishtar Women’s Council in Maxmur, Fedile Tok, is on the 22nd day of indefinite hunger strike. Tok also has stated that she will keep on with the hunger strike until Ocalan’s freedom is secured. Tok added that no matter what follows, this time they are decisive to end Ocalan’s isolation.


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