Solidarity with Imam Sis on hunger strike to break the isolation of Abdullah Öcalan

from the Internationalist Commune – Rojava

We want to send a message of support to our friend and comrade Imam Sis In Wales/ Cymru, who is on indefinite hunger strike including the HDP MP Leyla Güven and the hunger strikers in Strasbourg.

These hunger strikes are being taken in order to end the isolation of Abdullah Öcalan at the hands of the fascist Turkish state.  Öcalan has been in prison since he was kidnapped in 1999 and has been kept in isolation and barred from seeing his lawyers.

Imam has now been on hunger strike for 55 days and is still in high spirits in spite of all the health problems that he has endured. Like many others will continue this strike until The Turkish State ends the isolation.

We send this message not only as a message of support to our comrades in this struggle but also a call to action. We must do all we can to support comrades like Imam in their struggle and help put an end to the crimes of the Turkish State.

We must put pressure on our own governments who are complicit in the crimes committed by Erdogan and the fascist AKP and let the world know the dangers the Turkish dictatorship present. Not only to Öcalan and the Kurdish people but also to democracy and human rights of all peoples in the Middle East.

This is a critical moment for us all, if we act now we can help put an end to the isolation and resist against the dictatorship of Erdogan and his allies in the jihadist gangs.

End the Isolation of Abdullah Öcalan.
Long live the international revolution!

Internationalist Commune of Rojava



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