Rojava delegation visits hunger striker Yağız in Hewler

via ANF-News

A delegation from Rojava has visited Nasır Yağız who is on hunger strike in Hewler for 94 days.

HDP member Nasır Yağız is on the 94th day of his hunger strike demanding an end to the aggravated isolation regime imposed on Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan.

A delegation from Rojava Democratic Autonomous Administration and PYD (Democratic Union Party) has paid a solidarity visit to Yağız on Friday.

The delegation was made up of Cizire Canton Co-president Ebdulkerîm Saruxan, Kongra Star representative Cîhan Xelil and administrators who were welcomed by HDP South Kurdistan Representatives Müzeyan Güneş and Abid İke.

Speaking during the visit, Ebdulkerîm Saruxan said the following; “The protests launched for Leader Apo have created a tremendous impression in Rojava where people are raising their voices like in Bakur (North) and Bashur (South) Kurdistan and Europe. Various actions are organised for Leader Apo on Daily basis. This resistance in such a critical time is of great importance and meaning. The history of Kurdish people witnessed several struggles and resistance for freedom and great achievements have been made as a result. I believe that this resistance will also end in success.”


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