Rojava Administration delegation visits hunger strikers

via ANF-News

Rojava Autonomous Administration Representation visited the hunger strikers in Germiyan and supported their protest.

Support for the hunger strike in the Kelar district of Germiyan continues. A delegation from the Rojava Autonomous Administration Southern Kurdistan Representation visited the hunger strikers in Germiyan.

The delegation was received by hunger strikers Herem Mehmud, Seyma Ednan and Ronak Mecid.

Herem Mehmud is on day 20 of his indefinite non-alternating hunger strike, Seyma Ednan is on day 13, and Runak Mecid is on day 2.

Rojava Autonomous Administration Southern Kurdistan Representative Sileman Ereb gave a short speech and said, “The hunger strike in Germiyan against the isolation is important, and it gives a message of unity. We have brought salutations from the people of Rojava for the hunger strikers. We are calling on the people of Germiyan to support the hunger strikers.”


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