Polizeiangriff auf Mütter in Gebze

via ANF-News

Seit 26 Tagen führen Mütter politischer Gefangener in Gebze eine Mahnwache durch. Die Polizei kann ihren Widerstand nicht brechen, heute wurden sie erneut angegriffen. Es kam zu einer Festnahme.

Mothers and families of prisoners who have been holding vigils in front of the Gebze Closed Prison Type M since April 9 to draw attention to their children on hunger strikes protesting the isolation held a press conference in the HDP Gebze District Chapter offices.

HDP MP Ali Kenanoglu also attended the protest. The families were also supported by the Mesopotamia Cultural Center (MKM), Science Education Aesthetics Culture Arts Research Foundation (BEKSAV) and Golge Cultural Center artists.

Hatice Soyler, mother of Ozlem Soyler who has been on a hunger strike since December 16, 2018, gave the first speech.

Soyler said they have been subjected to police attacks since the day the vigil was launched and added that they were once again placed in police vehicles by force and were removed from the prison.


HDP Istanbul MP Ali Kenanoglu also gave a speech and protested the bans and attacks against the mothers.

Kenanoglu said such oppressive measures are use only in countries that are not democratic and added: “Mothers are trying to make the demands of their children met. Their children are on a hunger strike so this country adheres to its own laws. A country is not democratized only with laws and constitutions. Institutions, individials and the people are also a part of this democratization. The mothers, the white scarved, are fighting to end the isolation and to clear a path to end the isolation, they are protecting their children.


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