“The struggle of Leyla Güven is our struggle”

via ANF-News

French guests expressed their solidarity and support to the hunger strikers.

Hunger strikers in Strasbourg are on their 35th day of fast while HDP Hakkari MP Leyla Güven has reached day 75.

Hunger strikers are demanding an end to the isolation imposed on Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan.

In Strasbourg, hunger strikers have received the visit of Vitry S/Seine Municipal Council member Fabienne Lefebvre, municipality of Choisy Le Roi representative Laurent Ziegelmeyer, Champigny sur Marne municipality representative Sergine Lefief, Paris 14 representative Catherine Lefief.

French guests expressed their solidarity and support to the hunger strikers.

Lefebvre: Öcalan is the key to peace

Speaking during the visit, Fabienne Lefebvre stated that Öcalan was the key to peace and added that they would always be in solidarity with the people.

Lefebvre said that they are trying to get the PKK off the list of terrorist organizations and stressed that the struggle of the Kurdish people is important for all humanity. Lefebvre said that they know the Rojava Revolution and stated that the freedom of Öcalan is the freedom of the peoples.

Laurent Ziegelmeyer also greeted the hunger strike resistance and said that this resistance is against fascism and that they support fully the action.

The Kurds are not the problem, added Ziegelmeyer, they are presenting an alternative project that will bring a solution and peace to the Middle East.

Ziegelmeyer stressed that they support the struggle carried out by Kurds and said he believes that freeing Öcalan will bring peace to the Kurdish people and the people of Rojava.

Ziegelmeyer stated that the European press silence is actually a continuation of the conspiracy against Öcalan. He added that they would always fight shoulder to shoulder with the Kurdish people.

Catherine Lefief saluted the activists, saying that the struggle of Leyla Güven as a woman, a mother and an elected representative, was her own struggle.


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