TKP/ML prisoners on solidarity hunger strike

via ANF-News

TKP/ML prisoners announced going on a hunger strike in solidarity with Leyla Güven whose fast against the isolation of Abdullah Öcalan has entered 94.

TKP/ML prisoners in Turkish jails have announced that they are starting one-week alternating hunger strike for the second time to support the demands of DTK Co-chair and HDP MP Leyla Güven who is on indefinite hunger strike for 94 days demanding an end to the isolation regime imposed on Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan.

In their statement published on Özgür Gelecek (Free Future) newspaper, the TKP/ML prisoners said: “The Turkish state, which ignores the Kurdish people and their political will, continues its military and political operations uninterruptedly. In parallel with the upcoming local elections, more detentions and arrests are taking place on daily basis.

These attacks carried out in all prisons, targeting Mr. Öcalan in the first place, are taking on a new dimension. However, these attacks are not met with silence as the Kurdish people continue manifesting their will to break the isolation.”

The prisoners are on hunger strike since February 4th.


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