Internationalists call for revolutionary struggle against fascism

via ANF-News

Kurdish and internationalist demonstrators who marched from three directions to Strasbourg to protest the 20th anniversary of the international conspiracy, today held a rally outside the Council of Europe and stated that the isolation will be broken.

Internationalist revolutionaries from various regions, former HDP MPs and Kurdish youth were part of a three-kilometer march from the city center of Strasbourg to the Place Kléber Sq. where the Council of Europe is located.

Hundreds of activists who had gathered at Avenue de I’Europe in front of the Committee for the Prevention of Torture (CPT) and the Council of Europe, denounced the international conspiracy.

The conspiracy will be defeated

Referring to the hunger strike campaign in Kurdistan and Europe, the Revolutionary Youth Movement issued a statement and stressed that the international conspiracy will be defeated. The youth noted that they will triumph in their struggle against the conspiracy.

A female revolutionary from Spain, Ester Perez highlighted the occupation plans of Turkey and capitalist states against Rojava and Kurdistan and said the revolutionaries do not accept the isolation of the Kurdish people’s leader, promising a common struggle with the Kurdish people.

European states are partners in Turkey’s crimes

A Swiss revolutionary, Arman Bergmann, who joined the long march to Strasbourg, said: “In the past four years when Ocalan’s isolation has been aggravated, thousands have been killed and tens of thousands jailed in Turkey. Bergmann recalled that the hunger strike of Leyla Guven against the isolation is on the 100th day, while following actions in Kurdistan and abroad have passed two months, adding; “European states are partners in this crime. The peoples have a responsibility to fight against the isolation of Ocalan and rise up against fascism.”

Kurdish people’s resistance is guidance for a free life

A revolutionary from Portugal, Agatha Pinho said: “We women revolutionaries are in solidarity with the Kurdish people. The European states are using the term ‘democracy’ quite often, yet they are not democratic. Remarking that the Kurdish struggle, the Rojava revolution in particular, should be defended, Agatha Pinho put emphasis on the importance of internationalist struggle; “Peoples should raise their voice against fascism. The resistance of the Kurdish people is guidance to a free and peaceful life. The women’s struggle will prevail.”

We are here to expose the immoral stances taken by Europe

HDP former MP, Faysal Sariyildiz who was part of the march from Basel, delivered a speech in the meeting and said: “Today we have gathered in front of the Council of Europe to denounce the immoral positions taken by European institutions with regards to the Kurds. The Kurdish people have sacrificed tens of thousands of their sons and daughters for the sake of humanity. We call on the international community and oppressed peoples for a joint struggle.”

Sarıyıldız noted that hundreds of internationalists are fighting against barbarity in Rojava, and thanked everyone that is a part of the common fight.

Kurdish singers Hozan Şemdîn and Reber took the stage, and the meeting ended with Kurdish dance halay.


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