PKK and PAJK prisoners issue statement on sacrifice actions

via ANF-News

PKK and PAJK prisoners: “Our Leader considers sacrifice actions to be meaningful, but his stance on principle is known. All comrades in prisons need to act in accordance with this principle.”

Deniz Kaya issued a statement in the name of PKK and PAJK prisoners on indefinite non-alternating hunger strikes to break the isolation imposed upon Kurdish Peoples’ Leader Abdullah Ocalan.

“The Break the Isolation Tear Down Fascism resistance move has entered a new phase with the sacrifice actions developing in prisons,” said the statement and continued:

“The indefinite non-alternating hunger strikes, which have now continued not for days, not for months, but for a whole season with participation from thousands of PKK and PAJK prisoners under the lead of our comrade Leyla Guven, spread throughout the world and grow in waves as if to defy the borders put up in Kurdistan and abroad by the central hegemony with the capitalist modernity ideology.

This struggle is against the Imrali torture and isolation system imposed upon our Leader, which is imposed upon the Kurdish people, all the oppressed and society as a whole. It is a historic resistance against annexation and isolation imposed upon society by the AKP-MHP fascism. For just that reason, taking to the streets with a spirit of mobilization and speaking out, comrades in prisons and in the resistance carrying out sacrifice actions with their free will using the ultimate, their own bodies, are expressions of a peak in the resistance struggle. All that the AKP-MHP alliance, which feeds on an ideology of racism, colonialism and fascism, and their genocidal mindset believe Kurds and oppressed peoples deserve are attacks, displacement and massacres.

From Kawa the Blacksmith to the modern day Kawa Mazlum Dogan, the torch of freedom lit by comrades and the resistance move that developed under the lead of comrades Leyla Guven and Nasir Yagiz, after the examples of Zekiye, Rahsan, Ronahi, Berivan and Sema, is bidding farewell to the fifth martyr today, comrade Medya Cinar who carried out a sacrifice action, to follow comrades Zulkuf Gezen, Ayten Becet, Ugur Sakar and Zehra Saglam. Individual, sentimental, unorganized emotions and reactions against the fascist and genocidal mindset, insisting on life and action, would lead to a lacking approach to one’s own truth, which is a hindrance to entering the truth and line of the Leader. Acting in a more organized thought and emotion process will break the isolation imposed upon our Leader and the peoples, fascism will face absolute defeat and the resistance will be crowned with victory. Understanding the truth of the Leader, comprehending it and internalizing the philosophy of freedom is possible through resisting together and implementing the philosophy in life. This is a truth that all comrades know, our Leader considers sacrifice actions to be meaningful, but his stance on principle is known. All comrades in prisons need to act in accordance with this principle.

We remember with respect and gratitude the militants of freedom in the Break the Isolation Tear Down Fascism resistance move we continue with great resolve and will against the colonialist fascist mindset and repeat our promise to realize their purpose and their dreams.

We offer our condolences once again to families of comrades Zulkuf, Ayten, Zehra, Ugur and Medya Cinar, to our people and to us all.

Comrade Ayten Becet’s father’s words ‘The fire burned my house today, it will burn yours tomorrow’ have great significance before the isolation imposed upon the people is broken and fascism has been torn down. That is why we resist together to fight against the fascistic massacring mindset, so we can be free. We will continue our resistance until our demands are accepted.

We call on our people, the Turkish and international public, democratic institutions, and all individuals who say they have a human conscience, to lend their voices to ours and stand against the isolation alongside us so tomorrow is not too late and there are no more martyrdoms.”


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