Kurdish hunger strike activist calls for mobilization

via ANF-News

Huseyin Yildiz: “Our struggle requires a great amount of resistance. Our responsibility is to defend the Kurdish people in the person of Leader Apo with our lives.”

The hunger strike campaign continues to demand the removal of the isolation imposed on the Kurdish people’s leader Abdullah Ocalan. The Kurdish activists have launched a range of indefinite and non-alternating hunger strikes in Strasburg, Wales, Canada and the Netherlands. At the Kurdish Democratic Society Center in the Hague, Huseyin Yildiz and Hasbi Çakici initiated indefinite and non-alternating hunger strikes on January 19-20, 2019.

Huseyin Yildiz, 56, has been living in the Netherlands for the past 23 years. After moving to the Netherlands, Yildiz continued to participate in political activities. Yildiz takes 10 types of medicine for his diseases as he continues his hunger strike.

“I have been struggling since the beginning of my hunger strike. I contributed to the practical and diplomatic efforts in Europe, that was not enough, yet you can turn your body to a powerful weapon. The fascist regime in Turkey is attacking all of the achievements that the Kurds have secured. Turkey is trying to undermine the resistance in Imrali prison by aggravating the isolation upon Abdullah Ocalan. At such a critical time, the position taken by Leyla Guven is a response to the needs of the time, similar to what comrade Mazlum did. It is our responsibility is to defend the Kurdish people in the person of Leader Apo with our lives. We must mobilize all our means at this time,” said Yildiz.

Yildiz stated that his hunger strike in fact is self-criticism to himself, “Since a struggle equal to the knowledge of Leader Apo has not emerged, therefore this hunger strike is self-criticism to myself,” Yildiz added.


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