German police tried to arrest Kurdish hunger striker in Duisburg

via ANF-News

German police today attempted to arrest Mustafa Tuzak, a Kurdish activist who is on hunger strike in Duisburg to protest the isolation of Abdullah Ocalan.

The German police targeted the Kurdish activists who started a long march in front of the Kurdish Democratic Society Center (DTKM) in Duisburg today to protest the isolation imposed on Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Ocalan.

More than 20 police officers raided the scene while the activists made a statement to the press about their action.

The police attempted to arrest Kurdish hunger striker Mustafa Tuzak based on the excuse that he was wearing a vest with Ocalan portrait on it.

After the Kurdish association members expressed their discontent, the police obtained Tuzak’s ID information and left the location.

The head of the Kurdish association stated that the intervention by the police was ‘illegal’, and they would file a complaint to judicial authorities.

Tuzak is on the 26th day of an indefinite and non-alternating hunger strike, demanding the removal of Ocalan’s isolation.


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