Ilham Ehmed visited hunger striker Sis in Wales

via ANF-News

Kurds and their friends are not leaving the hunger strikers demanding the end of Ocalan’s isolation alone.

Kurdish activist Ilhan Sis is on day 63 of indefinite hunger strike in Newport, Wales demanding an end to the isolation regime imposed on Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Ocalan.

On Saturday, Co-chair of the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria, Ilham Ehmed, visited Sis at the Kurdish Community Centre where he is carrying out his action. A delegation accompanied Ehmed who was met by Kurds with slogans as she entered the Newport city.

Ehmed had talks with Sis and the Kurds on solidarity visit to him in the Kurdish Community Centre, who include mother and sister of YPG Press Office member Firaz Dağ (Mehmet Aksoy), a Kurd from Britain, who lost his life during the battle of Raqqa.


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