Protest against isolation in Paris: We are all Leyla

via ANF-News

Kurds in Paris protested the isolation of Öcalan and saluted Leyla Güven and other hunger strikers.

Kurdish Women’s Movement TJK organised a demonstration in Mantes la Jolie commune in Paris to protest the isolation regime imposed on Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan and to salute HDP MP Leyla Güven and all other activists on indefinite hunger strikes.

The demonstration started in front of the train station and ended with speeches made in front of the historical church. Hundreds of Kurds, mainly women and youth, joined the protest, chanting “Freedom for Öcalan” and “We are all Leyla”.

Carrying photos of hunger strikers, the demonstrators criticized the European states that remain silent on the fascist and genocidal policies of the Turkish state.

Speakers called on the Kurdish people to take to the streets and enhance the struggle.


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