KNK delegation visits hunger striker Fadile Tok in Maxmur

via ANF-News

A KNK delegation visited the hunger strikers in Maxmur who are on day 90 of their protest and Fadile Tok, who has been on a hunger strike for 55 days.

The hunger strike in the Martyr Rustem Cudi (Maxmur) Refugee Camp protesting the aggravated isolation imposed upon PKK Leader Abdullah Ocalan is on day 90, while Ishtar Assembly Member Fadile Tok continues her hunger strike on day 55.

A delegation including Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) Co-chair Rebwar Reshid visited the hunger strikers.

KNK Co-chair Rebwar Reshid saluted the hunger strikers against the isolation and said: “The resistance by Leyla, Nasir and Fadile will be a spark that breaks the isolation in Imrali. Protests continue throughout the world to break the isolation.”

Hesen Demir spoke in the name of the 30th group of hunger strikers and said: “We aim to break the isolation imposed upon Leader Apo and to ensure his freedom. The hunger strikes launched under the lead of Leyla Guven will continue until the isolation is broken. We salute all hunger strikers.”

The KNK delegation then visited Ishtar Assembly Member Fadile Tok who continues on day 55 of her indefinite non-alternating hunger strike.


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