Solidarity action with revolutionary prisoners in Berlin

via ANF-News

Activists carried photographs of Palestinian, Kurdish, Turkish, Catalan revolutionary prisoners.

An action took place in Hermanplatz and was joined by activists from Kurdistan, Palestine, Iran, Basque country, Turkey, Catalonia and the United States.

Activists carried photographs of Palestinian, Kurdish, Turkish, Catalan revolutionary prisoners.

Kurdish activists carried banners demanding “Freedom for Öcalan – Seri Hilde” and photos of the hunger strikers.

Melek Yula, the co-president of NAVDEM in Berlin, delivered a speech at the rally stressing the inhumanity of the isolation imposed on Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan and underlining the atrocities carried out by the colonial Turkish state and the fascist AKP regime in Kurdistan.

Yula expressed solidarity and support to the cause of all peoples struggling for freedom all over the world, especially Palestine. “There is a hunger strike going on for over 4 months against the isolation and torture imposed on the Kurdish people’s leader. We call on all peoples to oppose this violence, support the liberation of Kurdistan and express solidarity with more than ten thousand political prisoners, beginning with leader Apo.”

Activists demanded freedom for all revolutionary prisoners in the world, from Mumia Abu Jamal to Abamiel Guzman and Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan.


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