Family of Zülküf Gezen visited Leyla Güven

via ANF-News

HDP Hakkari MP Leyla Güven received a very emotional visit by the family of Zülküf Gezen who ended his life in prison three days ago to protest the isolation of Öcalan.

The family of Zülküf Gezen who ended his life in Tekirdağ No 2 F-Type Prison to protest the isolation of Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan visited Güven whose hunger strike has left 132 days behind.

When Zülküf Gezen’s mother, Havva, father Şehmuz Gezen and uncle Ahmet entered her room, Leyla Güven was not able to control her tears. Güven, who was able to get up only with the help of her daughter, embraced Havva Gezen and cried with her for a long time.

Zülküf is the Mazlum of this age

Leyla Güven offered her condolences to the Gezen family and said: “I come from prison. Feelings in prison are very different. I’m resisting so that the comrades in the prison could keep their morale. I didn’t know that Zülküf would take on this heavy burden. He chose Mazlum Doğan’s resistance and life. The resistance action of Mazlum Doğan was revived by comrade Zülküf Gezen 40 years later. Comrade Zülküf is the Mazlum Doğan of this age.”

Havva Gezen holding Leyla Güven’s hands said: “Your heart is on fire, let the heart of other mothers be on fire.”



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