Hunger strikers: Newroz should be a celebration of resistance

via ANF-News

Visitors from all over Europe continue to come to Strasbourg to express solidarity and support to the hunger strikers.

The 14 activists in Strasbourg called on everyone to turn the Newroz celebrations into a resistance celebration.

The hunger strike carried out by 14 Kurdish activists in Strasbourg demanding the end of isolation against Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan has reached day 94.

The 14 activists joined the hunger strike resistance led by DTK co-chair and HDP Hakkari MP Leyla Güven.

Visitors from all over Europe continue to come to Strasbourg to express solidarity and support to the hunger strikers.

Action for Kurdish people’s freedom

The relatives of hunger striker Kerem Solhan visited the activists. Medeni Solhan came from Dortmund and said in his speech that from the first day this resistance has been carried out with the aim of achieving freedom for Kurdish people.

Because, as Solhan pointed out, the isolation against Öcalan is the isolation against the entire Kurdish people and therefore putting an end to isolation means to put an end to the isolation against Kurds.

Solhan added that all Kurds are facing the threat of genocide, and stressed that everyone should be involved in this resistance.

The health of the activists, said Solhan, is getting worse and reminded in particular HDP Hakkari MP Leyla Güven who is on hunger strike for 133 days.

Solhan called on all Kurds in Kurdistan, Turkey and Europe to join the celebrations for Newroz and to turn these celebrations into a great resistance opportunity.

“Let’s celebrate Newroz with the spirit of resistance”

Xelef Çelik reminded the hunger strike by Leyla Güven and said the resistance is spreading and is being carried out with great determination by thousands.

Çelik underlined that war and dirty policies in the Middle East are targeting the Kurds. He added that it is important to claim the hunger strike and act quickly to avoid any other death.

Çelik called on everyone to be the voice of the hunger strikers and to join the Newroz celebrations.

Resistance is increasing, isolation can be defeated

Kerem Solhan’s relative Xalit Karagöz said that the Kurdish people should claim the resistance and act as it is not sufficient to have an emotional approach towards the activists.

If resistance increases, he said, isolation can be defeated.

Hunger striker Kerem Solhan remarked that the Turkish state by hitting the Kurdish leader is actually hitting the entire Kurdish people.  He also pointed out the importance of joining en masse peaceful actions.

He called on everyone to strengthen the resistance and thus achieve the end of isolation.

Solhan also mentioned the local election scheduled for 31 March and urged the people to go to the polls with the spirit of the resistance.

Addressing in particular the people of Varto, Solhan urged people to vote and remove the State-appointed trustees.

He ended his remarks by calling on everyone to join the Newroz celebrations.


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