Gezen’s father: Zülküf ended his life for his people’s freedom

via ANF-News

Father of Zülküf Gezen gave an appeal for Newroz.

Political prisoner Zülküf Gezen jailed in Tekirdağ No 2 F-Type Prison ended his life three days ago to protest the isolation of Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan.

Gezen’s father Şehmus Gezen stated that; “The Kurdish people and all other segments of the society should ensure strong participation in Newroz, Kurdish New Year celebrations. Zülküf ended his life for the freedom of his people. Kurdish people should claim Zülküf’s action.”

Remarking that 2019 should be the year of Kurdish people’s freedom, father Gezen added that they will welcome Newroz in Amed.


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