HDP deputies on hunger strike in Amed visited Leyla Güven

via ANF-News

Three HDP MPs on hunger strike in Amed have visited Leyla Güven whose protest against the isolation of Öcalan has left 133 days behind.

DTK Co-chair and HDP MP Leyla Güven announced starting an indefinite hunger strike on November 7, 2018, during a hearing she attended while she was held in Amed prison. She was released from prison on January 25th, on the 79th day of her fast which she continues at her home in Amed since. She is now on 134th day of hunger strike.

HDP deputies Dersim Dağ, Tayip Temel and Murat Sarısaç, who have also joined the indefinite hunger strike resistance in the HDP building in Amed, have visited Leyla Güven at her home on Wednesday to wish her a happy Newroz.

In a social media post about the visit, Leyla Güven said; “My young friends with sparkling eyes have strengthened my belief that we will succeed.”


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