Hunger striker Sis sent Newroz message from Wales

via ANF-News

“We all know very well that to live is to resist.”

Kurdish activist Imam Sis has been on hunger strike for 95 days in Newport, Wales, demanding the end of isolation against Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan.

Today Sis sent a written message to mark Newroz.

The message reads: “I salute and commend all Kurdish people, Leyla Güven, who is leading the historic hunger strike demanding the end of isolation against Kurdish People’s Leader Apo and all hunger strikers. Today we celebrate Newroz with the spirit of this resistance.

We all know very well that ‘to live is to resist’ and as the great Newroz martyr, comrade Mazlum Doğan has told us in his poem ‘Surrender leads to betrayal, resistance leads to victory’. Which is why we will always carry on this resistance and carry the freedom torch until we achieve victory.”

“We will not surrender”

Hunger striker Imam Sis added: “We will sacrifice our lives to reclaim the right to live a free life with our leader.

We will come out of the darkness imposed on us by the tyrant Dehak and enter the light of the fire lit by modern day Kawa.”


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