HDP MP on hunger strike: Prisons are always leading the struggle

via ANF-News

Murat Sarısaç, one of the HDP deputies on a hunger strike demanding the end of isolation against Öcalan said that prisons always led the revolutionary processes.

The hunger strike resistance against isolation led by HDP Hakkari MP Leyla Güven is continuing.

HDP Amed MP Dersim Dağ has gone on hunger strike in Amed on 3 March while Van MPs Tayip Temel and Murat Sarısaç have joined her on 8 March at HDP Amed provincial building.

Speaking about the hunger strike resistance, Sarısaç said that hunger strikes were a symbolic action.

“Let me tell you the reasons why they are symbolic. – he said – The action led by Leyla Güven has been driven by the presence of isolation.”

The Van deputy added; “This action is not only limited to Leyla Güven and in fact today over 5 thousands activists especially in prisons are carrying out this resistance. Actions are not limited to prisons in Turkey and Kurdistan, the hunger strike has spread all over the world. There is a hunger strike in the 4 parts of Kurdistan as well as in Europe and Canada. This hunger strike is actually not carried out for one person.

We have claimed that the absolute isolation imposed on Mr. Öcalan is in fact an isolation imposed on the entire Kurdish people, is a continuation of the genocidal policy of the Kurdish people.”

Sarısaç MP also pointed out the pressures applied on prisoners and added that the conditions of the prisoners who have been on hunger strike for over 100 days have passed the critical stage.

Sarısaç said that they are receiving worrying news from Van and Karadeniz prisons and added that prisoner Şahin Encü suffered a heart attack.

Isolation, he said, is an inhumane practice and the Kurds will not accept any form of massacre, which is why the deputies also joined the resistance. “The situation in the Assembly – he said – is one of ignoring the Kurdish people and other peoples. As you know together with the Presidential system the idea was to actually end the Assembly.”

In fact, said the Van deputy “people’s representation is wanted to be cancelled and the destiny of all peoples is wanted to be decided by one person. This, of course, is what the government would like to see, but it is not something that people are willing to accept. Just as was the in Amed prison during the 80s, prisoners and people will be resisting if they are not recognised.”

Sarısaç added: “They think that they can use the power they get from people to actually make their own interest and indeed silence the people. But they are very wrong, as people always tend toward freedom and they resist authoritarian rulers. Since States have existed, stateless societies have fought for their rights.”

No opposition except the HDP

Sarısaç continued: “The problem we are facing is not only a problem concerning the Kurdish people. Indeed what the AKP-MHP alliance is trying to do is to end Kurds, but the aim is to end opposition. If the policies applied against the Kurds today are successful, the same will happen to all other opposition parties. Already we can see in the press how the opposition outside the HDP is also threatened. These policies will not be limited to Kurds.”

Underlining that all the problems in the country are linked to the Kurdish problem, Sarısaç concluded his remarks saying: “The government now wants to keep the violence apparatus against the Kurdish people. Yet this violence will not only be directed towards the Kurds, but to all social groups. Prisons have always pioneered revolutions. Today, they are also leading the hunger strike resistance against isolation.

As it has always happened, the most conscious and most organized of our friends are in prisons.”


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