Hunger strike in front of EP on day 3

via ANF-News

The hunger strike held in front of the European Parliament against the isolation is on day 3.

The hunger strike launched in front of the European Parliament (EP) in Strasbourg, France to demand an end to the isolation imposed upon Kurdish Peoples’ Leader Abdullah Ocalan continues on day 3.

Jinen Ciwanen Azad (Free Young Women) and Ciwanen Soresger (Revolutionary Youth) took over the organizing of the strike on day 3.

The activists left from Lahr, Germany to arrive in Strasbourg, France to continue their protest in front of the EP. The 350 hunger strike activists headed to Strasbourg arrived at the EP at 10:00 and continued the protest.

A group of activists passed out flyers to inform the public on the hunger strikes.

There are several other demonstrations in front of the EP today as there is a parliamentary session in progress. The hunger strikes draw attention from all groups coming to the EP.

The youth are planning a sketch show in front of the EP and politician Hatip Dicle will give a speech. The youth are also going to hold a seminar among themselves on the process in general and the special war against the youth.

The protest continues with participants dancing the halay.

The regions and institutions participating in the demonstration today are:

From France: Rennes, Paris, Drancy, Creil, Villier le Bel, Evry, Marseilles, Draguignan, 78th Area, Montpellier, Bordeaux. From Germany: Baden Wüttenberg-Bayern FCDK, Northern FCDK Berlin, Hamburg, Niedersachzen, Fed-Med NRW, Hessen FCDK Kawa, Saalanda. DKTM Switzerland, DKTM Belgium, DKTM Netherlands, Diaspora Shengal Council, NAV-YEK, PYD, Komaw, CIK, TEV CAND, Jinen Ciwanen Azad and Ciwanen Soresger.


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