Solidarity visits to Sis on day 101 of hunger strike in Wales

via ANF-News

Solidarity with the Kurdish hunger strike resistance against the isolation of Abdullah Öcalan continues growing.

Kurdish activist Imam Sis has been on an indefinite hunger strike in Newport city in Wales for 101 days demanding the end of isolation imposed on Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan.

Hunger striker Sis continues to receive solidarity visits from many people every day and he has been visited by Kurdish activists Ali Poyraz, Nahide Zengin and Mehmet Sait who have been on hunger strike on London since March 14.

Kurdish singer Seyda Perincek also visited Sis and sang Kurdish songs in the Kurdish Community Centre where the Kurdish activist carries out his protest.

Today’s visitors to Sis included a group of mothers whose sons and daughters fell martyrs in the Kurdish freedom struggle.

In his talk with the visitors, Sis reiterated his determination to continue his fast, and his trust that “this resistance will definitely break the isolation”.


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