Families of hunger strikers wrote to German President Steinmeier

via ANF-News

The families of the activists on hunger strike in Strasbourg demanding the removal of isolation of Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan sent a letter to German President Frank Walter Steinmeier.

The hunger strike carried out by 14 activists in Strasbourg has reached day 103. The hunger strike resistance led by DTK co-chair and HDP Hakkari MP Leyla Güven soon spread to prisons and many cities in Europe, Kurdistan and Canada.

Activists are demanding the end of isolation against Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan.

KCDK-E co-chair and hunger strikers Yüksel Koç’ son Mazlum Koç sent a letter to German President Frank-Walter-Steinmeier on behalf of the hunger strikers’ families demanding him to support the demands of the hunger strikers.

The letter underlined that the isolation imposed by the Turkish state on İmralı is not only a violation of international laws but also of Turkey’s own laws.

The letter also underlined that the health condition of the activists in Strasbourg is gradually deteriorated. “Families and relatives of Leyla Güven, thousands of political prisoners in prisons, Nasır Yağız, activists on hunger strike in Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, England, Austria and Switzerland, fear and worry. Their demand is a very human demand and a fundamental right.”

Call to Steinmeier

The letter reminded of the call made by German State Secretary Michael Roth on behalf of the Federal Government in late January to Turkey. Roth had urged Turkey to allow lawyers and family to visit Abdullah we Öcalan.

The letter added: “Germany is the most important country within the Council of Europe and has political, economic and diplomatic relations with Turkey. We ask you to use these relations to prevent any loss of life. Following the call by the German government on 12 January and the Council of Europe decision on 22 January, we would like to ask you to act directly as the President of the Republic, both to help implementing the Council of Europe decision and to play a role in preventing any loss of life.

We want you to know – continued the letter – that we as families support the demands of the hunger strikers to end isolation against Mr. Öcalan and we are behind them.

In the event of any death, we will assume that the Council of Europe, the CPT and the member countries have not played their role.

We, as German citizens, ask you to play a role for the hunger strikers’ demands in this critical phase, where seconds matter.”


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