Police afraid of balloons with Leyla Guven’s photograph

via ANF-News

The police banned the display of balloons with Leyla Guven’s photograph printed on them to be used in a HDP convoy in Amed.

Peoples’ Democratic Party’s (HDP) final rally to be held today in the Station Square in Amed for the local election campaign was cancelled due to heavy rains.

The HDP organized a convoy to ride around the city after the cancellation. The balloons with a photograph of Leyla Guven, the DTK Co-chair who has been on a hunger strike for 142 days, were prepared in the provincial HDP offices which were surrounded by the police, and the police did not allow the use of the balloons in the convoy.


The police barred off the party offices’ door and said, “If you want to leave the building with those balloons, we won’t allow your exit either.”


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